SNF always believe that ability to be at the forefront of innovation and production has enabled unparalleled economic success of workforce. With growing business volume of water soluble polymers immediate need of backward integration emerged. And A successfully project has been commissioned on date and which is first of its kind in India as far as bio catalyst enzyme process is concern. After in house use, a handsome amount of acrylamide also sold in Indian market to few but major plyers.
Further as a signature to cutting age technology the plant has been equipped with auto filling PLC system to avoid manual interference and to assure accurate quantum.
Appearance Colourless liquid
Generic Name 50% water solution of Acrylamide
Ionic Character Non Ionic
Charge Density Very low
pH of Solution 6.0 - 8.0
monomer content( % w/w) 48 - 51
Specific Gravity 1.04
Freezing Point ºC < 0ºC
Storage Temperature oC 22 - 27°C
Shelf Life (months)* 6 months
ACRYLAMIDE Powder Liquids 50%
1 High Impurities Very Low impurities
2 Powder -Dissolve in water →Acrylamide solution prepared Liquid 50% (DM water)
3 inconsistent in reaction control/quality of final product Due to powder Acrylamide solubility The homogeneous nature of Acrylamide solution leads to better reaction control, giving consistently better quality of polyacrylamide
4 Inconsistent polymersation (batch to batch vary) Uniform polymerization
5 High molecular weight products can't be produced High molecular weights product can be polymerized
6 Too much risk of Dusting Dust free
7 Loss of materials due to spillages Helps to reduce loss of materials due to spillages and reducing weighing errors
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