Revolutionizing Products for paper Industries
At SNF we understand the A to Z requirement of each production line and state of the art technology of innovative products goes into each and every stage of paper manufacturing.
Our aim is not only to finalize a suitable product but also to increase the machine efficiency and cost optimization in chemical consumption.
Our broad experience is strengthened by directly working with plants as key support partner and value added by young and well experience chemists / application experts and sales managers .
 Cationic Flocculants (Powder, Emulsion)
Retention and drainage / Krofta/ ETP sludge dewatering
Anionic trash control/ demand neutralization
 Anionic microparticles (Bentonite)
Drainage and ash retention improvement/ Formation
 Organic micropolymer
Ash retention and drainage improvement
 Anionic powders
Krofta / DAF / ETP application
Strength improvement
 DCDA based polymers
Color removal in ETP
Pigment dispersion in coating color
Wet strength improvement
 Hoffman chemistry
For strength and drainage improvement
To eliminate the foam during pulp or wood boiling process
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