Thinking beyond box solution for dredging segment.
India’s ports accumulate silt quickly and require dredging throughout the year to maintain navigable depth. Ship sizes are also getting bigger as owners and shippers chase economies of scale so that larger quantities of goods can be transported at a time to save freight costs.
This requires deepening the channels and berths to accommodate bigger ships. The second area of dredging covers lakes , ponds, sweet\salt water reservoirs, cannels , water ways etc to maintain the life of the reservoir, encourage tourism, maintain a clean environment, protect the health of depending living beings.
We at SNF make the water soluble / special food grade products to enhance the efficiency of dredging, reduce the man hour, reduce the disposal cost in an innovative and productive way.
Dry Stacking Products
Products for settling ponds
Products for Geotextiles tubes
Products for Mobile/ Fixed treatment plant
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