Construction Chemical
Civil Engineering & Drilling
With recent developments in polymer composites and their technological application developments in civil engineering, SNF has developed unique range of water soluble polymers which will help the construction industry to overcome complexities in nature, soil and earth. SNF is the world leader in manufacturing of water based polymer, with years of experience and in-house R&D has developed exclusive grade of products for growing demand in construction and infrastructure projects.

SNF Civil Engineering & Drilling products are segmented as below

SNF Polymers which have been developed and are being produced in state of art facilities all around the world provide our customers with support and solution to meet the challenges during construction.
SNF CE FLOSET grade polymers are
 Compatible with other construction materials as concrete, reinforcement steel bars.
 Cause no pollution to the ground and groundwater and no harm to site operatives.
 The Polymer helps in supporting the excavated bore hole.
 Helps in carrying cuttings to the surface and permit separation.
 Increases bore hole stability and maintain counter balance force
 Salt water resistant polymer for piling in marine conditions.
 Controls sudden fluid loss and provides support during collapse of piles.
 Specialized polymer which are used for various TBM and Micro tunneling applications.
 Available in powder and liquid form in easy useable packaging.
SNF hydro soluble polymers are used extensively as performance enhancing additives to either boost the performance of bentonite, or for preparation of polymer slurries for bored piles, diaphragm walls, anchors ties, bentonite-cement plastic walls.
Contact us for helping you in product selection and application methods, SNF technical team will assist you in making the right choice for your project.

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