State-of-the art ceramic binders, dispersants and Water treatment polymers baked with domestic technology and International standard.
Over a period of last 10 years SNF’s ceramic polymer business has undergone new innovation in product profile, well designed technical support and has achieved a sizeable industrial share in Indian market .
FLOBIND Binder: Our liquid range polymer used in the ceramic manufacturing process to enhance the green and dry MOR (mechanical strength).
Flosperse (Deflocculant):SNF specially designed Flosperse range low molecular dispersants used as grinding aid and as well as water reduce in ceramic process which helps to achieve the higher density and low slip viscosity with lower dosage of dispersants. And for its ability to reduce the ball-milling time, dryness, energy saving and increasing the economic efficiency.
Bentonite: SNF offers various grades of Bentonite which can be used in ceramic process to improves the strength and glaze.
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