SNF offers products to improve irrigation efficiency, increase water holding capacity, reduce rate of salinity soil and protect against erosion and crusting. Our polymers minimize losses soil due to runoff and leaching. They facilitate improvements in water management and plants nutrition.
Our team has experience, capabilities, and technologies to deliver timely and accurate product placement to satisfy our customers’ needs.
AQUASORB is a water retainer that, when incorporated into a soil or a substrate, absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients. Unlike most products that become hydrated, AQUASORB has the property of easily releasing the absorbed water and nutrients, thereby allowing the plant to have water and nutrients available at will as a function of the absorption – release cycles.
Increases the Water Holding Capacity of soils

Enhances plant growth. water and nutrients are available in the root zone for optimal absorption by plants.

Provides a buffer effect against climatic hazards

Large Scale Crops
AQUASORB is implemented in the sowing coulter during the crops sowing, by using a pneumatic micro granular spreader. Whatever the mode of incorporation is, the product must be properly buried into the soil, to be protected from UV radiations. We can use Aquasorb in gel form or powder for as per convenience.
Horticulture / Potting Mixes for Nursery(average dosage 3 kg/m3)
Mixed into a substrate, AQUASORB permits an efficient use of waterand nutrients which are concentrated in the product. It ensures that cuttings and transplants take root better, that seedlings grow faster and root systems develops in a homogeneous way. It allows to free itself from problems of hydric stress and from deficiencies. It is an ideal solution of substrates for containers, fruits and vegetable productions and houseplants.

With AQUASORB, field capacity of substrate increases and so stretch outperiod before to reach the permanent wilting point. Thus, free water easily available, watering frequencies are commonly reduced by 30 to 50 %, which likewise reduces labor costs and the amount of water used. Furthermore, during transport, AQUASORB maintains enough moisture and reduces hydric stress.
Paper pulp trees (average dosage for hydrogel 10 gr of aquasorb/ water liter)
AQUASORBis effective in the planting of trees. It reduce the mortality rate due to transplanting shock and to enhance root development and therefore bring about more rapid growth and production. Its efficiency for paper trees plantations is widely recognized. Moreover, innovative methods have been developed to incorporate the product into the soil, with a reduced cost and a daily gain in working time.
Forestry (average dosage hydrogel 15 – 20% of the hole capacity)
AQUASORB is effective in the planting of trees, it makes it possible to reduce the mortality rate due to transplanting shock and to enhance root development and therefore bring about more rapid growth and production. Its efficiency for Eucalyptus or coffee trees plantationsis widely recognized. Moreover, innovative methods have beendeveloped to incorporate the product into the soil, with a reduced cost and a daily gain in working time.

FLOBOND DI 2010 :SNF supplies Flobond DI 2010 to enhance effciency and infiltration performance of surface and subsurface drip irrigation applications. This soluble polymer is a liquid formulation, as easy to dissolve as a liquid fertilizer and does require any specific equipment for injection as fertigation system or ventury pump. It protects soil aggregates from collapsing.
Flobond DI 2010 greatly enhances lateral hydraulic conductivity.
Flobond DI 2010 Benefits :
Wet Bulb Diameter increases by 25%

Wet Bulb Surface increases by 50%

Moist Soil Volume can double in size

Flobond DI 2010 Applications
Crops : Flobond DI 2010 reduce until 30% water consumption in onion crops through surface drip irrigation system. Flobond DI 2010 dose should be 1 kg per 1 mm of water. It could be inject straight to the fertigation system
Horticulture/Forestry Trees
First dose should be 2kg / mm water followed by 1 kg per mm water once a week (the other injections depend on soil humidity)

FLOBOND ANTI SALT LX 50 Flobond Anti salt LX 50 LX50 helps to promote the leaching of sodium during irrigation
Composition : Flobond Anti Salt LX50 Is a polyacrylamide water soluble
Application : Three applications. 5 days before transplanting of rice and just before transplanting of rice and rice in the panicle stage. Irrigation was applied at the critical stage of plant growth (Farmer practice).

FLOBOND SC100 : Liquid Super Absorbent For Seed Coating

• Water absorption capacity : 100 - 200 g/g
• Germination stimulation
• Matrix for active chemicals management
• Dose -o.5 Kg to o.75 Kg/100 Kg of seed.

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