SNF’s products help preserve natural resources. Likewise, our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. Our primary monomer is therefore produced enzymatically at room temperature under atmospheric pressure. Given the volumes involved, this biological catalytic process makes us a pioneer of soft chemistry.
The safety, health and welfare of all SNF employees are of the utmost importance to our Group. These core values ensure that SNF runs an efficient business practice.
SNF is constantly improving its processes to protect the environment, and many changes have been made in our factories in order to limit waste and discharges. Processes that consume large quantities of water have been eliminated, thus reducing sevenfold specific water consumption for each product in the space of ten years. Furthermore, rinsing water is partly re-circulated through the installation, in order to lower the quantity needed by 70%. The choice of processes, installation design, and employee training ensure that production activities are extremely safe.
SNF Framework :
  •  to conceive new safe and efficient technologies respecting the environment.
  •  to reduce the impact of the production site on the environment.
  •  to preserve resources, minimize waste and treat it without risk for the environment.
  •  to cooperate with our customers and the authorities to conceive and perfect our products while minimizing their impact on health and the environment.
  •  to develop high performance methods.
  •  to train personnel in industrial safety and environmental protection techniques and attitudes.
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