It is the core corporate responsibility of SNF India Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities reflect its philosophy of executing comprehensive business practices, services and content that encourages us. In order to help build a more sustainable world, SNF India employs its CSR initiatives as a measure of the social impact of its business operations. We believe we have a responsibility to help make the world a better place.
As such, we weigh every decision we make with the utmost care, asking ourselves how it might affect all of our stakeholders, customers, employees, communities, vendors, creditors and investors.
As far as Corporate Social Responsibility is concerned, the Companies Act, 2013 is a landmark legislation that made India the first country to mandate and quantify CSR expenditure. The details of corporate social responsibility are mentioned in the Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.
SNF India CSR Activities begins with an assessment of the following aspects:
  •  Customers
  •  Suppliers
  •  Environment
  •  Communities and,
  •  Employees
CSR Activities:
1. Joy of Giving
SNF India joined hands with Helping Hands Foundation to celebrate the festival and spread joy among Orphans and senior citizens. Helping Hands Foundation, a NGO, is committed to changing the way people look at ageing in India, through opportunities for productive ageing social support services. The Joy of Giving Week is a “festival of philanthropy” that is celebrated every year by engaging people through “acts of giving
2.Green Visakha Plantation Program
The massive 40 lakh tree plantation programme – Green Visakha – taken up by the Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority has come in for praise. SNF India has joined hands with VUDA to plant 15,000 Saplings around Vizag City.
3.Swatch Bharat Mission Campaign
Ending an open defecation is an indicator being used to measure progress towards the Sustainable Development. Therefore, eliminating open defecation is thought to be an important part of the Swachh Bharat Mission Campaign.
SNF India Joined hands with District Administration along with AP Government and Sponsored INR 250,000 to construct 50 No’s Latrines Sheds in needy villages.
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